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School for Mothers Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

BREAKing down the taboo of divorce with expert, Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez. In this feisty episode, we discuss the complexities of BREAK-ups, the “common wife” myth and the impact of divorce fallout. Nabila also shares how to honour the past and move forward through rituals. 

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Oct 13, 2019

What does the phrase “women in business” mean to you? In this solo Sunday Supplement episode Danusia explores the importance of mentorship, finding community and SFM’s corporate work. 

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Oct 9, 2019

Why is breastfeeding so problematic? Everyone, mothers and not, seems to have an opinion. Danusia is joined by artist and entrepreneur Lisa Creagh to discuss everything BOOB. Lisa is an artist, entrepreneur and creator of “Holding Time” which addresses ideas around motherhood, time and breastfeeding in particular. 

Oct 2, 2019

How do you CLINCH deals? How do you CLINCH the life you want? In this ep I delve into the world of CLINCH & PR with Natalie Trice, PR Director & author. There’s no “bro” power plays here as we explore the importance of building relationships, deal-clinching etiquette and the power of word of mouth. 

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Sep 29, 2019

Making mistakes is 100% a normal part of life - and motherhood. In this ep Danusia considers the mistakes she's made along the way. Some of us might say that mistakes are only learning and growth - which Danusia certainly agrees with! Listen in to hear the 7 big mistakes that turned into transformational stuff.