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School for Mothers Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

My guest in this episode, Jennifer Ogunyemi, is a pro when it comes to showing up intentionally and radiating confidence. Jennifer is a business owner, author, business mentor, speaker, mother & wife. She’s the founder of Sisters in Business which aims to support women from all walks of life on their entrepreneurial journey.

Jennifer’s firm belief that female entrepreneurs can be crazy successful entrepreneurs without compromising our values and beliefs or our family and community roles shines through in everything she does including in our conversation. She’s passionate about representation, religious diversity and Inclusion.

Prior to founding Sisters In Business Jennifer built a 10 year career within the NHS working with diverse and vulnerable communities spanning from Maternity health, Project management, community development and GP management. She decided to step away and focus on what she care about the most – changing the narrative of the Muslim business woman. When she isn't planning the next amazing networking event, you'll often find her playing pranks with her kids, mentoring her business sisters, or busy brainstorming ways to bring more value to her community!

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