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School for Mothers Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

What’s Soul really all about? And how possible is it to live a ‘sacred’ life once we become mothers? I ask world renowned writer, mystic, poet, mother, channel and creative, Rebecca Campbell, this and more. We explore how to stitch sacred soul into the daily rhythmns of busy mothering and all the paradoxes that this brings. 

By the way, Rebecca believes that we ARE nature and all of her creations are in devotion to the beauty of nature and weaving the soul back into everyday life. Rebecca is a best selling author of Rise Sister Rise, Letters to a Starseed, The Work Your LightOracle, The Starseed Oracle and Light Is The New Black and her books and oracle decks are published in over 20 languages. She’s also featured in Vogue, Stylist, Red, Cleo, Oprah and the Style column of the Sunday Times, Rebecca's work has been recognised globally and she’s won a multitude of awards for writing, devotion and creativity. 

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